Manuscript Collections

Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia

A Catalogue of the Library of the University of Virginia, Consisting of 2 Vol. Grand Format, 1825 May 16. RG-12/12/1.161.

Catalog of Books for the University of Virginia Library, 1825 June 3. MSS 38-747.

Correspondence of Francis Walker Gilmer, 1784-1826. MSS 38-588.

Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, 1775-1826. MSS 38-755.

Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, 1817-1826. MSS 2737-a.

Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, 1814-1826. RG-1/3/3.761.

Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, 1825 January 27. MSS 6402.

Gilmer, Francis Walker. List of Books to Be Purchased in London for the University of Virginia, 1824. RG-1/3/4.802.

Library Catalogue, 1857-1905. RG-12/12/1.119.

List of books Borrowed, 1825-1827. RG-12/12/1.113.

University of Virginia. Enactments by the Rector and Visitor of the University of Virginia, for Constituting, Governing & Conducting That Institution: For the Use of the University. Charlottesville: Printed by C.P. M’Kennie, 1827. LD5660.5 1827.

Wertenbaker, William. A Catalogue of the Library of the University of Virginia : arranged alphabetically under different heads, with the number and size of the volumes of each work and its edition specified. Also, a notice of such donations of books as have been made to the university. Charlottesville: Gilmer, Davis, & Company, 1828. Z881 .V82 1828.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, New York, New York

Thomas Jefferson to Cummings, Hillard & Company, 17 January 1825. GLC00782.12

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Thomas Jefferson Papers, 1606-1827. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. Washington, D.C.

Thomas Jefferson, 1762-1767, Legal Common Place Book. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. Washington, D.C.

Printed Sources and Digital Collections

Cabell, Nathaniel Francis. Early History of the University of Virginia, as Contained in the Letters of Thomas Jefferson and Joseph C. Cabell, hitherto unpublished : with an appendix, consisting of Mr. Jefferson's bill for a complete system of education, and other illustrative documents; and an introduction, comprising a brief historical sketch of the University, and a biographical notice of Joseph C. Cabell. Richmond: J.W. Randolph, 1856.

Clarke, John. Clarke's Bibliotheca Legum; or, Complete Catalogue of the Common and Statute Law-Books of the United Kingdom, With An Account Of Their Dates and Prices, Arranged in a New Manner, Interspersed with Observations, from the best Authorities, on the principal Works. New Edition, With Numerous Additions and Corrections Not to be found in any other Law Catalogue now extant. London: Printed for W. Clarke and Sons, Law Booksellers, Portugal-Street, Lincoln's-Inn, 1819. 

Cometti, Elizabeth. Jefferson's Ideas On A University Library: Letters from the Founder of the University of Virginia to a Boston Bookseller. Charlottesville: The Tracy W. McGregor Library, University of Virginia, 1950. 

Davis, Richard Beale, ed. Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson and Francis Walker Gilmer, 1814-1826. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1946. 

Papers of James Madison, Founders Online. National Historical Records and Publication Commission. Washington, D.C.

Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Founders Online. National Historical Records and Publication Commission. Washington, D.C.

Digital Projects

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