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Texts Missing from the 1828 Catalogue Collection:

Missing Volume(s) Author Long Title Publication Place Publication Date Contact Special Collections
1 Charles Butler

An Essay on the Legality of Impressing Seaman

London 1778

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1-2 Christopher Heinrich Freiesleben, Giovanni Paolo Lancellotti

Corpus Iuris Canonici Academicum

Venice 1782

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3 William Brown

Praxis almae curiae cancellariae : a collection of precedents by bill and answer, plea and demurer, in causes of the greatest moment (wherein equity hath been allowed) which have been commenced in the High Court of Chancery, for more than 30. years last past. With appeals (in seve cases of great difficulty) to the House of Peers in Parliament, and the proceedings thereupon. Also, a compleat collection of all the writs and process concerning the same. Together with a praeliminary discourse, by way of rules, succinctly and methodically drawn up, containing the practice of the said court, in every particular branch of the equitable part thereof

London 1694

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1 Joseph Chitty

A practical treatise on bills of exchange, Checks on bankers, promissory notes, bankers' cash notes and bank notes

London 1822

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1 William Hawkins, Edward Coke

An abridgement of the first part of my Lord Coke's Institutes

London 1822

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1-4, 6, 8 William Cranch

Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States-- : August 1801-[February 1815]

New York 1812

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2, 4 William Cruise

A digest of the laws of England respecting real property

London 1824

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1 Timothy Cunningham

The law of bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank-notes and insurances : containing all the statutes

London 1778

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1 James Alexander Dallas

Reports of cases ruled and adjudged in the several courts of the United States, and of Pennsylvania : held at the seat of the federal government

Philadelphi 1806

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1 Michael Dalton

The Country Justice: containing the practice, duty and power of the justices of the peace

London 1690

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1-2 Timothy Cunningham

A new and complete law-dictionary, or, general abridgment of the law: on a more extensive plan than any law-dictionary hitherto published

London 1783

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1 Samson Eure

Doctrina placitandi : ou l'art & science de bon pleading: monstriant lou, & en queux cases, & per queux persons, pleas, cy bien real, come personal ou mixt, poient estre properment pleades; & e converso. Opus accuratè

London 1677

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1 Issac Espinasse

A treatise on the law of actions on penal statutes in general

London 1813

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1 Giandoxnenico Romagnosi

Genesi Del Diritto Penale

Milan 1807

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1 William Hakewell

Modus Tenendi Parliamentum: Or, The Old Manner Of Holding Parliaments In England

London 1659

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1 Samuel Hallifax

An Analysis Of The Roman Civil Law; In Which A Comparison Is, Occasionally, Made Between The Roman Laws And Those Of England

Cambridge 1795

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1 Anthony Hammond

A treatise on the law of nisi prius: combining theory with practice, and including the pleadings in the several actions

London 1816

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1, 4, 5 Charles Barton

Elements of Conveyancing: With Cursory Remarks Upon the Study of That Science. Including a List of Books, for the Use of Students and Practitioners. And Also Observations and Directions Relative to the Practice of Conveyancing, Particularly With Respect to the Perusal of Abstracts of Title, and Preparing of Deeds and Assurances, of Real and Personal Property

London 1810

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1 John Henry

Points in manumission, and cases of contested freedom

London 1817

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1-7 Robert Gardiner

Instructor clericalis . : directing clerks both in the Court of Queen's-Bench and Common-Pleas: in the abbreviation and contraction of words (and thereby the speedy reading of precedents)

London 1721

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1-2 John Johnson

A collection of all the Ecclesiastical laws, canons, answers, or rescripts, with other memorials concerning the government, discipline and worship of the Church of England, from its first foundation to the Conquest, that have hitherto been publish'd in the Latin and Saxonic tongues. And of all the canons and constitutions ecclesiastical, made since the Conquest and before the Reformation, in any national council, or in the provincial synods of Canterbury and York, that have hitherto been publish'd in the Latin tongue. Now first translated into English with explantory notes, and such glosses from Lyndwood and Athone, as were thought most useful

London 1720

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1 William Jones, William Nichols

An essay on the law of bailments

London 1823

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1 James Barry Bird

The laws respecting travellers and travelling : comprising all the cases and statutes relative to that subject

London 1819

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2 William Leonard, William Hughes

Reports and cases of law argued, and adjudged in the courts of law, at Westminister : In the time of the late Queen Elizabeth ... [1540-1615]

London 1658

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1 John Lilly

The practical conveyancer: in two parts. Part I. Containing rules and instructions for drawing all sorts of deeds for the conveying of estates and interests ... Also, particular rules for the exposition of deeds, wills, &c. ... together with the resolutions of the several courts at Westminster, in cases wherein difficulties have arisen touching the words and clauses in deeds, devises, &c. The whole extracted from the reports at large of the said cases, and from the new abridgment of the law, &c. and alphabetically digested under proper heads. Part II. Being the first part reduced into practice, in a choice collection of the most useful precedents ... which in this new edition are properly methodized and referred

London 1742

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1 Johannes Leunclavius

Iuris Graeco-Romani tam canonici quam ciuilis tomi duo

Frankfurt 1596

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1 William Molyneux

The Case Of Ireland Being Bound By Acts Of Parliament In England, Stated

London 1770

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1 Christopher Saint German

The Dialoges In Englishe Betweene A Doctor Of Divinity And A Student In The Lawes Of Englande

London 1575

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1 Robert Gosling, Richard Garnet

The Book of oaths, and the several forms thereof, both ancient and modern : faithfully collected out of sundry authentick books and records : to which is added, an appendix compleating the whole to this present year : very useful for all persons whatsoever, especially those that undertake any office of magistracy or publick imployment

London 1715

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1 John Perkins

A Profitable Booke ... Treating of the lawes of England. And now translated out of French into English

London 1757

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1 John Pettus

The Constitution Of Parliaments In England, Deduced From The Time Of King Edward The Second

London 1680

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1-3 Samuel Pefendorf

Le Droit De La Nature Et Des Gens

London 1740

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1 Samuel Pefendorf

S. Pufendorfii De Officio Hominis Et Civis Secundum Legem Naturalem Libri Duo

Leiden 1769

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1 William Rastell

A collection in English, of the statutes now in force : continued from the beginning of Magna Charta, made in the 9. yere of the raigne of King H. 3. vntill the end of the Parliament holden in the 7. yere of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Iames, vnder Titles placed by order of Alphabet: Wherin is perfromed (touching the Statuts wherewith Iustices of the Peace haue to deale) so much as was promised in the Booke of their Office lately published. For which purpose also the Statutes concerning those Iustices haue this marke [hand pointing right] at the beginning and this marke [circle with spokes] at the end of them, noted in the margent ouer-against the same

London 1621

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3, 5, 6 Christopher Robinson, William Scott

Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty : commencing with the judgments of the Right Hon. Sir William Scott, Michaelmas term, 1798 [to April, 1808]

London 1812

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1 P.B. Boucher

Institutions commerciales : traitant de la jurisprudence marchande et des usages du négoce, d'aprés les anciennes et nouvelles Lois : ouvrage enrichi des jugemens les plus célébres de l'ancien et nouveau regime, de tableaux, formules, actes, contrats, papiers de crédit actuellement usités, et de tout ce qui appartient au contentieux commercial : suivi d'un état de population de tours le royaumes, républiques, principantés, départemens, provinces d'Europe, et d'un projet de code de commerce

Paris 1801

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1 Charles Saumaise

Specimen Confutationis Animadversionum Desiderii Heraldi; Sive, Tractatus De Subscribendis & Signandis Testamentis, Item De Antiquorum & Hodiernorum Sigillorum [1648 Edition]

Leiden 1648

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1-3 Henry Swinburne

A treatise of testaments and last wills : compiled out of the laws ecclesiastical, civil, and canon, as also out of the common law, customs and statutes of this realm : the whole digested into seven parts

London 1803

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1 Barnabé Brisson

Barnabae Brissonii ... De verborvm qvae ad ivs civile pertinent significatione opvs praestantissimvm in meliorem commodioremqve ordinem redactvm, innvmeris mendis emacvlatvm et post aliorvm cvras plvrimis accessionibvs, observationibvsqve philologicis, criticis, ivridicis locvpletatvm. Prodit opera stvdioqve Io. Gottliebii Heinecce ic. ... Praemissa praefatione nova ... Ivsti Henningii Böhmeri

Paris 1596

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1 Theophilus, Justinian

D. Justiniani Sacratissimi Principis Institutionum, Sive Elementorum, Libri Quator Quibus Subjungitur Theophili Paraphraseos Versio Latina C.A. Fabroti, Aliquot Locis Emendata

Leiden 1761

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1 William Tothill

The transactions of the High Court of Chancery [1559-1646] : both by practice and precedent

London 1820

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1 Emer de Vattel

Questions de droit naturel, et observations sur le Traité du droit de la nature de M. le Baron de Wolf

Hague 1763

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1-2 Arnoldus Vinnius

Arnoldi Vinii Jc. In Quatuor Libros. Institutionum Imperlalium Commentarius Academicus, Et Forensis. Jo. Gottl. Heineccius Jc. Recensuit, & Proefationem Notulasque Adjecit

Leiden 1761

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1 Thomas Wentworth, George Wilson

The office and duty of executors : or, a treatise directing testators to form, and executors to perform their wills and testaments according to law. What a Man may give or dispose of by his Will; of Revocations and new Publications of Wills. Of the State of Things upon the Testators Death; what may be done by an Executor, &c. Of proving Wills, and of the Fees payable for the Probates. What Things shall come to Executors by or after the Testators Death. Cases between Heir and Executor; and of Suits by or against them; and of the Method of Payment of the Testator's Debts. Of Devastavit or Wasting; and of an executor in his own wrong. Of married Women and Infant Executors; of Legacies; of Executors of Executors; of Administrators. Originally compiled by that Approved and Judicious Author Thomas Wentworth of Lincoln's Inn, Esq;

London 1774

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1 John Maynard, Edward Primer

Les reports des cases argue & adjudge in le temps del' Roy Edward le Second : et auxy memoranda del' Exchequer en temps le Roy Edward le Primer. Solonq; les ancient manuscripts ore remanent en les maines de Sir Jehan' Maynard Chevaler, Serjeant de la Ley al sa Tres Excellent Majesty, le Roy Charles le Second ; ovesqu; un perfect table des matters en les dits cases

London 1658

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1 Richard Zouch

Juris Et Judicii Fecialis

Oxford 1650

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1 Robert Brooke, Anthony Fizherbert

La graunde abridgement, collecte & escrie per le iudge tresreuerend Syr Robert Brooke chiualier, nadgairs chiefe Iustice del common banke

London 1576

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1 Edward Coke

The Second Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England: Containing the Exposition of Many Ancient, and Other Statutes

London 1797

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1 Claude Saumaise

Specimen Confutationis Animadversionum Desiderii Heraldi; Sive, Tractatus De Subscribendis & Signandis Testamentis, Item De Antiquorum & Hodiernorum Sigillorum [1653 Edition]

Leiden 1653

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1 John Selden

Ioannis Seldeni Mare Clausum Seu de Dominio Maris Libri Duo: Primo, Mare, Ex Jure Naturæ Seu Gentium, Omnium Hominum Non Esse Commune, Sed Dominii Privati Seu Proprietatis Capax, Pariter Ac Tellurem, Esse Demonstratur. Secundo, Serenissimum Magnæ Britanniæ Regem Maris Circumflui, Ut Individuæ Atque Perpetuæ Imperii Britannici Appendicis, Dominum Esse, Asseritur.

London 1635

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1-13 Fortuné Barthélemy de Félice

Code de l'Humanité ou la Législation universelle, naturelle, civile et politique, avec l'histoire littéraire des plus grands hommes qui ont contribué à la perfection de ce Code. Composé par une société de Gens de Lettres, Le tout revu et mis en ordre alphabétique par M. de F. 

Yverdon 1778

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1 Johann Gottleib Fichte

Grundlage des Naturrechts nach Principien der Wissenschaftslehre 

Leipzig 1796

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